Zachary Stine is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Central Arkansas. His research is concerned with the study of large-scale social and cultural phenomena through a computational lens via machine learning. He holds a PhD in Computer and Information Sciences from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock where he was also a Postdoctoral Fellow. Prior to that, he received a BA in Religious Studies from UCA.

Artificial Intelligence (CSCI 3385/5385/6385)
Machine Learning (CSCI 4371/5371/6397)

Are you a student interested in doing research with me?

If you are already enrolled at UCA, please get in touch with me to have a discussion about options. If you are not enrolled at UCA, but are considering coming here, I’m happy to discuss research ideas. However, I am unable to guarantee any teaching or research assistantships as these are reserved for students who are already enrolled.